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September 22, 2004



I am also pleased to see that when I reran the search today, Google came up with much better results. I don't have access to a PDF writer, but I happy to see that Google has now allowed the search string "To Be" to exist and gives poor Will Shakespeare placement near the top of the results. (Although he still falls behind a site detailing the joys of barium enemas.)


You are correct in your comments. Google is a great search engine and I have been using it for many years.

I have to point out that my search was made with quotes around the whole phrase and I still got the posted results.

Most importantly, I found the fact that the number one result would be "Hot Or Not" and that others would point to the "Do Not Call" registry and "Emergency Contraception" to be quite humorous. If there are better modern examples of the "To Be Or Not To Be?" question, I cannot think of any.


It's the way you're searching. every word you entered is a common word. Google trys to ignore Common words so you don't get TOO many results. next time try inserting all of those words into Quotation marks so that google looks for the phrase instead of the words. also use the search within results button. search for shakespeare after you search for "to be or not to be" you'll find when you use Google correctly..it can't be beat.

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