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July 17, 2006



ahaha.. turned monster for only three months?? she was one of a kind! so be careful dating girls...

Cameron Sharpe

My pleasure to come across your blog and read it, keep posting.


You make a valid point. However, when she turned the car around when we were on our way to a vacation in Vermont because she had just taken over the driving and I didn't immediately go to sleep (I was reaching behind the seat to try and find my glasses), and then she wouldn't even pull over and discuss it and she wouldn't even let me out of my car, (I offered to walk home and let her take the car) the description actually seemed charitable.

Now I don't mind being called "Pyscho" if I've actually done something to merit it. What were you reacting to? I am guessing that someone has called you a monster in the past, perhaps unfairly, and so you were reacting out of a feeling of sympathy for my now-ex girlfriend. I am sorry for whatever it is that you went through but you know, it does happen occasionally that people deserve certain labels. I would have called her a lunatic but I promised her that I wouldn't call her that any more.

Kelly Bescherer

Think it may be you Psycho?

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