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December 11, 2004


wee kee

nader for president


nader for president, please. :)


Ralph Nader will always be true to the people, his track record shows it. Do you think he got discouraged when people told him there's no way he could take down the american auto industry? No way... and he'll never get discouraged by the pro-corporate republicans and democrats smearing and spreading lies about his campaign. I support Ralph Nader because he's one of the only few leaders in the political arena that I can trust and whom I truly admire. More power to Ralph... He'll be looked back on by generations as a pillar of justice and sanity in a time of corporate corruption and greed.

As the old saying goes... the only thing we have to fear is fear itself... I'm not afraid of voting my conscious...

Mark Hinds

Will the real Ralph Nader please come back!

Like it or not, Moore's antics got more people to vote
for Kerry that your laughable efforts got votes for you.

Instead of working to move the Dem's back in the right
direction you continue alientate MANY more than you attract.

I just have to assume you have developed some sort of brain

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