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October 15, 2006


Paul McKay

"The Mattapoisett police came in the middle of the night and got me out of my bed after the Sandwich police improperly issued a warrant for my arrest."

Oh, and when I ordered a copy of the hearing tape from the Court, I sent Whelahan notification that I had done so, as REQUIRED BY LAW, and which is explicitly permitted as per Section 2 of any 209A order. I cited that section of the order and identified my brief note as an authorized communication under it, and enclosed a copy of the tape order form which states that notification is mandatory.

Sandwich police officer Bruce Lawrence, who apparently cannot grasp written English, attempted to get a warrant for my arrest. Thankfully, whatever judge/magistrate he requested it from is significantly brighter than the moronic officer Lawrence and denied the request. But that didn't keep our intrepid idiot from pressing forward on behalf of the lovely felon Whelehan. I soon found myself having to drive from Rhode Island to Barnstable for a probable cause hearing at which I didn't even have to present my case to prevail. While I was waiting for that court date, I wrote Sandwich Police Chief Michael Miller, explained the situation to him and asked him if he might help pull Officer Lawrence's head out of my a*s. He simply said that there are questions that need to be answered. My favorite one remains unanswered: How does the Town of Sandwich hire police officers that cannot read simple English?

At the probable cause hearing, after hearing the police prosecutor testify, the magistrate took my defense right out of my mouth (that I did exactly what the order says to do about mandatory notifications) and sent me on my not so merry way.

I remember later hearing Lawrence interviewed on the radio about a pharmacist he had arrested for being drunk on duty, and explaining that they had to let him go because they "couldn't find any law he had broken."

Once upon a time in America, they were supposed to have an idea of what law you had broken before they arrested you.

Paul McKay

Michael O'Keefe also supports perjury. Maybe he likes other felonies too. But he definitely is OK with women committing incontrovertable perjury.

I have a former girlfriend, Cynthia Whelahan, now living on the Cape who pulled a restraining order down there. Her complaint went so far over the top as to say that I have a history of attacking cops. I called her on this at the hearing and she insisted that it is true and that she has proof she just didn't bring.

I wrote a complaint to O'Keefe's office and was contacted by a Trooper Finn. I explained the situation and sent Trooper Finn copies of both the hearing tape and a transcript in which Whelehan makes these ridiculously false claims, as well as my invitation to pull my CORI.

At the last extension hearing, Whelehan testified that O'Keefe's office had called her and told her not to worry about a thing.

O'Keefe is a coward and he has ignored his oath of office and is derelict in his duty.

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